Blue Planet

What people are saying…

"Bruce is one of the most creative directors I’ve worked with in my 30 years in the business. He’s insightful, brimming with ideas and completely thorough. And you can trust his judgment."
Danny R. Snyder, Chief Creative Officer, Bennett Kuhn Varner, Inc.

"Bruce is a gifted film and commercial director who also possesses extraordinary character and personal integrity. His work is meticulously crafted with a keen visual eye and complete mastery of the various film technologies; and that mastery, coupled with his many years of experience, helps him bring projects in on time and within budget.
Bob Rivenbark, Senior Copywriter, Rivenbark Creative

"Bruce is a pleasure to work with. He is able to quickly understand what is required and deliver spot-on creative executions. Bruce also shines in postproduction and is able to facilitate projects from concept to air. I strongly recommend working with Bruce and Blue Planet!"
Eric Rogers, Broadcast Producer, The Varnson Group

"Bruce and I worked together on a really creative but really challenging project. Our budget was tight but he managed to pull off a beautiful spot and was a pleasure to work with."
Mike Martin, Partner/Creative Director, Skylab-B